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I signed my son Jake up to take Karate from Sensei Tony. After watching my son for a few weeks and with a little coaxing from Sensei Tony, I signed upped for the adult class. I thought that I was to old to start and wouldn't be able to do it, but Sensei Tony showed me that I could and helped build my confidence in both myself and my son Jake. Our goal is to reach our Black Belts and I know that with Sensei Tony teaching us we will.
-Stephanie Guerrero-

My time experience at Deziga Shorin Ryu was definitely a memorable one. Not only have I gained self confidence but I have discovered an inner strength that I never realized existed within me. The instructors are very informative, educated, encouraging and highly motivated. I believe every female should train in self-defence at Deziga Shorin Ryu here in Atwater. A wonderful place to train.  
-Tiffany Muniz-

I have really enjoyed watching my son learn and grow with the training of Martial Arts. Sensei Tony and Sensei Alex has a great rapport with my son and the other students. The values of respect are to me the most important. Thank you for having such a great school for the children of all ages.

-Tanna Trinca-

The class is excellent. This I believe is due to the expert teachings by both Sensei Tony and Sensei Alex. I have tried other schools and found them lacking in important area's. Since I have been in class I have improved not only in my Martial Arts skills but in my everyday life. The respect he gets from all the students lets him teach us so much in the short time we are there. Sensei Tony and Sensei Alex are truly a Martial Artist.

-Brian Murray
My son (Tanner) has grown spiritually, respectfully and mentally through his karate lessons with Sensei Tony and Sensei Alex. he has gained strength, balance and coordination. He is well disciplined as an individual that he has become an a little adult. The memorization of movements he has learned and performed is in creditable. Four days seems like allot, but the time in class is not wasted! the development in my son Tanner has proved this to me. Every class I see a difference in him. Thanks!! Sensei Tony and Sensei Alex for your faithfulness and your commitment to the kid's.

-Mrs. Robin Banks-

My son (Ryan) has been going to Deziga Shorin Ryu Karate. He loves the school as well as the instructors. Sensei Tony and Sensei Alex are very patient teachers. my son has C.P. and cannot do sports as well as other kids. Sensei Tony and Sensei Alex showed my son encouragement and self esteem. he loves karate and I know it is because of the instructors. Sensei Tony and Sensei Alex makes kids respect each other and gives my son Ryan allot of encouragement. My son looks forward to coming to class four times a week. I personally feel karate has opened a new world for our son. I think that my son wouldn't like karate if not for the great instruction and caring for kids from the instructors.

-Ida Fontana-

My son (Alec) has been going to Deziga Shorin Ryu Karate since 2005. I have seen a big improvement in his confidence as well as his behavior at home. Alec looks forward to going to class four times a week. I appreciate  Sensei  Tony and Sensei Alex for their patients and love for their students. It's also very important to me to have my son in a Christian environment. I love that class has an opening and closing prayer every time. Thank you Sensei Tony and Sensei Alex for teaching my son this wonderful sport and for building his respect and confidence.

-Liz Brum-
My Husband and I brought our daughter Aurora to Deziga Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo when she was 5 1/2 years old. She is a loving, silly child who has known no violence or witnessed much anger. She has been raised on Disney Princess and happily ever-after. but as parents, my husband and I know the evil and danger that lurks in the real world that poses potential danger to a young girl who sees good in everyone. In preschool she had friends who took ballet and tap, so of course she wanted to take lessons, too. We decided Karate would be much more beneficial and offer more long-term benefits than dance. To begin with, our daughter was lukewarm about Karate. At times she didn't participate and was a bit difficult, but Sensei Tony never gave up on her. She works harder now, got a yellow belt and loves her sensei. Sensei Tony and Sensei Alex are wonderful instructors who really seem to care about the students they teach. I would highly recommend Deziga Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo to anyone to begin taking classes. As for myself, in the near future! 
Sensei Alex is the best mannered young man I have ever encountered. I hope my daughters exposure to karate and these two instructors helps us to raise a confident, well-mannered young woman who can look after herself.

-Mrs. Gillian Spivey-

My son Joey absolutely loves karate. He seems to show more focus with karate than with other sports.

-Mrs. Jennifer Gonzalez-

The professionalism is to be commended. We appreciate the hard work and obvious dedications of the both Sensei Tony and Sensei Alex.

-Mrs. Andy Wlodarezyk-
Deziga Shorin ryu Karate