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One Aggravated Assault every 34 seconds
One Property Crime every 3 seconds
One Violent Crime every 22 seconds
One Larceny Theft every 5 seconds
One Auto Theft every 27 seconds
One Burglary every 15 seconds
One Murder every 34 minutes
One Robbery every 1 minute
One Rape every 6 minutes
According to The National Women ’s Study, 683,000 forcible rapes occur every year, which equals 56,916 per month; 1,871 per day; 78 per hour; and 1.3 per minute (National Center for Victims of Crime &Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center, 1992)
One out of four women will be sexually assaulted on a college campus (Hirsch,1990)
Latest Crime Statistics (1999)
Aggravated assaults = 916,380
Violent Crime 1,430,690
Murder = 15,530
Robbery = 409,670
Forcible Rape = 89,110
Motor Vehicle theft = 1,353,707
statistics from FBI Uniform Crime Reports
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The Benefits of Martial Arts Training
1. Physical Fitness! 
Need I say more? Everyone, especially, Mom's need to be in the best physical shape they can be. Through martial arts you gain stamina and flexibility which will give you more energy to keep up with the demands of your family.
2. Manage stress! 
If stress could be managed it wouldn't be stressful would it? Through mediation and breathing exercises you will learn to relax, be in the present, which will help you deal with the challenges life throws at you.
3. Variety! 
Sometimes being a Mom can make you feel disconnected from the world around you. Training martial arts keeps you stimulated. Not just in the classes offered, but the unending variety of forms and motions that will keep you focused and in the moment.
4. Self Defense!
 Every woman should learn basic techniques to help them if an unwarranted situation arises. Students learn to become more aware of their surroundings and how to avoid bad situations.
5. Friendships! 
Most people make lifelong friendships while training, encourages bonds with people who have the same goals as you.
Being the best Mom you can be, is the greatest gift you can give your family. Make a commitment to incorporate exercise into your life and make it a non negotiable 
activity. Not only will you see a difference in your physical appearance, but you will improve your energy and stamina.

Why Martial Arts for women?
The exercises and drills will not only develop self-defense skills, but for looking good and feeling good. Martial Arts training will tone and slenderize your muscles while making you stronger, building your confidence, increase your flexibility and providing you with peace of mind. Our system is designed to help you defend against larger and stronger attackers. Through the coordination of movement and body position the force of an attack is re-directed back to the attacker, nullifying their attack and allowing you to safely escape. Emphasis for women is placed on being able to recognize and respond to dangerous and potentially dangerous situations by developing your confidence in your intuition, as well as to effectively apply self-defense skills if need be.

Deziga Shorin ryu Karate